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Can I Choose My Own Doctor After Suffering A Work-Related Injury?

After suffering an injury on the job, you will likely be referred to a company doctor or a health care provider approved by your employer's insurance company. Whether you were injured in Kentucky or Indiana will determine if you can choose your own doctor for additional treatments.

These and other jurisdictional matters can be confusing for attorneys and non-attorneys alike. Particularly for those who are injured, trying to recover and make ends meet can seem like an overwhelming task.

We Help Injured Workers Secure The Best Possible Medical Treatment

At Brizendine Law Office, LLC, we have 20 years of experience handling workers' compensation cases in both Indiana and Kentucky. We understand the jurisdictional matters at play and can explain your options when seeking treatment for your injuries.

In short, in Indiana, your employer selects your doctor. In Kentucky, you can choose your own health care provider. Determining whether you can select your own doctor affects more than just your treatment — it will also factor into supporting your claim. When building a case, the opinion of your doctor and other medical professionals will have a significant bearing on the type and duration of your workers' comp benefits. The testimony of your doctor may also be important should you bring a third-party claim against another negligent individual or entity.

As your lawyers, we will explain your options and put you in contact with the appropriate medical care providers.

Ensuring You Are In The Right Hands After Suffering A Work Injury

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