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Helping Injured Workers In Longshore Claims And Maritime Injury Law

If you work as a longshoreman or in another capacity on or near the Ohio River or another body of water, there are numerous maritime laws that protect your rights and interests if you are injured while on the job.

If You Work Near The Water, It's Important To Know Your Rights

At Brizendine Law Office, LLC, we regularly work with men and women who have suffered labor-related injuries while working on bridges, barges, docks and numerous other jobs on or near the water. With more than 20 years of experience handling personal injury and workers' compensation claims, we know the best methods and strategies for helping our clients maximize compensation and secure the treatments they need.

Even though you may not be a seaman, maritime laws such as the Jones Act or the Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act may apply to you and your accident injuries:

  • Jones Act: In short, anyone with any working connection to a vessel that is in navigation is covered by the Jones Act — this includes everyone from the ship's captain on down. Even if the vessel docked, an injured crew member may be covered.
  • Longshore and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act: The LHWCA is a federal statute providing benefits and compensation to longshoremen, harbor workers, ship builders and others who work on navigable waters — this may include a bridge, dry dock, wharf, pier, marina or another area on or near the water.

If you are involved in maritime employment and have suffered an injury or lost a loved one to a work-related accident, reach out to us and speak with our experienced lawyers regarding your options. We work with clients throughout the Louisville metro and others across Kentucky and Indiana.

Attorneys Representing Maritime Workers Throughout Kentuckiana

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